A Collection of Unique Party Dog NFTs.


A new discord is under construction and will be released soon. Updates will be delivered through our Instagram and website. We are currently at 35% minted, our roadmap plans are located here.


Welcome To The
Party Dogs

The Party Dogs Social Club is a collection of Party Dog NFTs. Each unique with their own aspect as different traits and rarities. Our Party Dogs are stored as ERC-721 tokens and are on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Membership Card

Each Party Dog NFT is unique and is bundled with an exclusive virtual membership entry in the Social Club


Each unique Party Dog NFT Comes with an exclusive membership card, with this after 100% of roadmap complete you'll have access to our Night City - Metaverse. as well as Paradise Ship - Metaverse. Members also will have special access to insider decisions made within the community and be entered into bi-weekly giveaways for holders. We also plan on doing lots of collaborations with different projects by sponsoring them and giving our members lower rates on other projects. As well as lower mint cost on future project releases and a guaranteed pre-sale spot. 


brandmark-design (3).png

Welcome to our metaverse, Night City. This is a virtual reality city accessible for Party Dog Social Club members. This will be a futuristic city taking place in the year 2077. Accessable through VR and using your Party Dog as the avatar. Night City will be revolved around a nightclub that members can visit and party with fellow members in our private virtual club. You will be able to chat with others and experience the night life worldwide.


Launching Early 2022 / Roadmap 100%

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brandmark-design (4).png

A metaverse extension to Night City. VIP members of the Social Club will have access to this all-inclusive flying cruise ship. More updates will be in our discord.

brandmark-design (5).png

The Social Spotlight, these are the rarest dogs in the club. There are 8, and all 1/1 hand drawn and completely unique from the entire collection.

Acquiring one of these rare dogs comes with an exclusive spotlight card

Spotlight Card includes $10,000 finders bonus, and an exclusive list of benefits and perks.




November 4th, 2021

Pre-Sale is opened for 16 hours, whitelisted users will be able to mint prior to launch.

Public Sale

Public Sale Mint @ 3pm EST the rest of the NFTs are available to mint, anyone has access to mint.

November 5th, 2021


10% Minted

Pre-Game time! get ready for the night. Grab a few friends as we wait in line for the club to open.

Red Ribbon Time

20% Minted

Red Ribbon cut, club is open and Social Club members are beginning to flood in.

35% Minted

Current Minted Status after launch

40% Minted

60% Minted

Drinks On The House

5 ETH will be used towards giving away to holders throughout launch, getting the party started!

Funding The City

We will be donating another 5 ETH to a charity decided by our community in discord.

80% Minted

Sold Out

48 Hours


Full House

Rewarding our members! Hosting daily raffles everyday for a month for holders to get the chance to win $1,000 per day.


Sweeping and raising the floor price after sell out and begin metaverse development.

After Party

Metaverse Development Updates will be announced and more details on city and Paradise Ship. The Social Card will be announced, and one big $10,000 giveaway.









The Artist



The Advisor


Functionality, giving your investment value


As we strengthen the Social Club, we'll have lots of giveaways and competitions, giving Social Club Members the opportunity to win valuable prizes.

Annual Rewards

As a member of the Social Club, you'll receive bonuses based on the quantity of Party Dogs you own


The greatest investment of knowledge, you'll have the ability to chat with us party animals.


Metaverses are coming soon worldwide and we're already ahead of the game. Development begins contrary to our roadmap.